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About Us


Leading a company can be a rigorous task. This is why executives and personnel alike must ensure that tax units manage returns and all types of risks deemed to come up. And this can be further achieved by meeting all compliance requirements and executing operational and strategic objectives as deemed fit.

Coming to the more personal level. Income tax in Australia is the most significant revenue source within the Australian tax return system. There are various deadlines as much as responsibilities of which taxpayers must be aware.

Some of Golden Accountants’ nuggets on being prompt with your taxes;

  • Tax time is necessary: You must ensure you have all the tools to increase your tax return. Now, what do we mean by this? Do you have updated documentation in which you need to lodge a tax return and get the best tax refund as much as you can?

When it comes to this, we know all the protocols that must be followed, which might seem quite challenging, but we at GOLDEN ACCOUNTANTS are here to support you and make the process easy. The tool we use here to lessen the effects on your side is that we provide organization and preparation so that your accountants would be able to lodge all returns as much as they can.

  • Do not default in particulars: You must be honest when processing tax fees. This is to say, make sure there are no errors found in the tax submission—all things must be pretty put in detail. And we at GOLDEN ACCOUNTANTS know all the trails to cross to make tax submissions easy for you. We assure you one thing, ‘peace of mind.’

The reasons why a government needs tax returns

  1. You have untaxed savings or investment income.
  2. You have a business or are self-employed.
  3. You live abroad or aren’t a citizen of Australia.
  4. You own rented property.
  5. You have either sold or given an asset away—this can be some shares or a holiday home.
  6. You are a staff of a company and have shares or some other income.
  7. You are a manager of a company or a company director.
  8. You have income from abroad.
  9. You have large amounts of savings or investment income.

What do we do? We prepare Income tax returns for;

  •  Persons/individuals.
  • Deceased estates.
  • Trusts
  • Self-managed superannuation funds.

About our CEO

Harpreet Singh is the brain behind Golden Accountants, and here is what he has to say; My name is Harpreet Singh. I run Golden Accountants in Australia, based in Sydney’s capital. My company provides services remotely to businesses and individuals across Australia. We also employ qualified accountants in the system and registered tax agents. Done for reassurance in terms of our numerous clients who tend to give us their trust and also to sustain the company’s objectives. We at Golden Accountants believe in excellence, and excellence is what we apply to every detail of our task.

Golden Accountants has been five years in operation. We are primarily small business accountants but also work with large organizations too. We are a registered tax agent company under the Tax Practitioners Board. Regarding our practice, we ensure all codes of professional conduct are dully followed and renew our tax agent registration when needed.


It is important to us to know what you value the most. Our organization and policies are planned in a way to ensure value for your cash. So, whether your value comes from peace of mind which all business matters tend to control most times, or you need to have advice on what to do next. Then be rest assured that we are here for you through thick and thin.

Our fees will be discussed and agreed upon upfront, so there are no shocks. And our team will work with you to ensure our services add much value to your business, far exceeding the cost.

We brought a team keen on being there for you whenever you need them. We made sure we invested heavily in our systems and processes to ensure your access to the team is taken advantage of at a high rate. We are also proactive in our approach to your needs as we do understand being effective in talks when it comes to advising our numerous clients. Much of our proactive approach reaps good dividends for our clients and us alike.

What are we trying to say here? To have trust in others and to be trusted is the basis for GOLDEN ACCOUNTANTS. This is the way we believe in excellence at all rounds.

We are down-to-earth people. We are easily reachable whenever and whatever time you need us. And we sure know how to make a good family member, if you want it that way—we would always be willing to hear you out when you need us to. We are also competitive, and we have long-standing clients who trust us with their all.

Perks to be achieved

As a plus, we can also analyze your tax return to see if any tax savings can be made. We also review the form to see if any errors need to be addressed before any return is lodged.

With this process, we are sure it would be able to reduce the risk of an ATO inquiry into tax affairs. In addition, if you are experiencing any cash flow issues, we can explore all possibilities in deferring your tax payments or simply negotiating payment protocols with ATO.

In essence, by giving you a competitive and fixed price, we can take the worry away regarding tax returns. This allows you to manage your trade better.


Our main goal at GOLDEN ACCOUNTANTS is making small business owners believe their business can work for their good. We are keen on giving peace of mind and excellence in all rounds.

We do have long-standing clients across many industries, and we are also members of notable organizations across the world. This leverage of ours offers us the opportunity to access partners across the globe and in Australia to work with. Our highly profound skill comes from the outcomes we’ve achieved for our various clients.

GOLDEN ACCOUNTANTS are experts in the following:

  • We are punctual in what we do. No time wastage.
  • We give the details.
  • We do not whitewash details in any way.
  • We give general peace of mind and reassurance in all matters.
  • We help your business revenue grow at a sporadic rate.
  • We improve many of our client’s lifestyles.
  • We help your finances grow at a tremendous pace.
  • We proceed with all succession planning.
  • Complex demergers.
  • We offer cost-saving plans which help your businesses grow.
  • We help you make early financial retirement plans.
  • We maximize your profits.
  • We increase your productivity.
  • We increase your cash flow.
  • We offer asset protection and business structuring.
  • We offered tax minimization and specialized ta restructuring when needed.