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Maximise your tax return from $88*

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Individual Tax

Intro list of our services

  • Have an Online Expert: Yes, we make it easy for you. We give you an online expert who would be able to oversee your day-to-day demands. In addition to that, your tax return will be entirely done by our expert online advisers.
  • Booking: Yes, we have over 100 offices nationwide. All you need to do is make that call, and all your issues will be attended to.
  • American Citizens task: Are you an American citizen based in Aussie [Australia]. Then you need not worry because we know the procedures for reviewing your tax effectively.
  • Referrals: Well, if you can connect us with your circle of friends, then we will be able to reward you.
  • Second look Assessment: We ensure all protocols are followed when reviewing your tax return and that you have received your maximum refund.
  • Digital currency: We are pretty versed in digital currency or cryptocurrency. We know how and when to make investments, not to forget how they are also tasked. So, we offer this service to help you understand what not, and what to do so you don’t get penalties for deferment.
  • Property Tax: Property is a valuable asset. And we at Golden Accountants know much about the procedures that must be taken to benefit when renting your property effectively.

The reasons why a government needs tax returns

  1. You have untaxed savings or investment income.
  2. You have a business or are self-employed.
  3. You live abroad or aren’t a citizen of Australia.
  4. You own rented property.
  5. You have either sold or given an asset away—this can be some shares or a holiday home.
  6. You are a staff of a company and have shares or some other income.
  7. You are a manager of a company or a company director.
  8. You have income from abroad.
  9. You have large amounts of savings or investment income.

What do we do? We prepare Income tax returns for

  • Partnerships
  • Persons/individuals.
  • Deceased estates.
  • Companies
  • Trusts
  • Self-managed superannuation funds.